Occupational Education Technology Certification Association(以下略、OETC)とは、中国政府の人力資源和社会保障部が認定する職業技能検定試験機構で、中国香港にて創設され、国家農業部人社部が11年以上にわたってその運営に尽力してきました。


中でも、OETC GROUPの代表政府OETC Hong Kong は、農業分野・通用(一般)分野・各種開発発展分野などにおける技能鑑定(評価)の試験及び証書発行を行ない、全世界における(グローバルな)職業教育技能訓練及び技能認証の国際機構として、世界各国においてTES国際茶道技師の人材育成のための訓練(研修)と試験の普及促進を行なっています。




Occupational Education Technology Certification Association of Hong Kong is a non-profit organization serving global universities, colleges and training institutions to promote the standard of international certification service.


The association is composed of international cooperation department, certification management department, internal affairs department, and numerous international experts and diplomatic representatives. The association has TES online examination system, WeChat online practice tank, and the OETC international certification management system, provide the global research and development, test, management services, is cooperated with more and more international educational institutions and associations.


The service covers many countries around the world: the United States, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan Stan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. At present, nearly a thousand people have passed the international certification examination, and obtained the international certification.


●Internal Department

国際部(International Cooperation Department)

・ICD:Responsible for the promotion and expansion, the establishment of cooperative relations, Management Association Representative;


認証部(Certification Management Department)

・CMD:Responsible for the research and development of certification, certification examination, certificate management;

内務部(Internal Affairs Department)

・IAD:Responsible for administration, personnel, financial management;


●External Establishment:

Association has set up overseas representatives, responsible for the promotion of certification and certification consulting, enhance the international influence and credibility of certification.


Research and development of international certification, promotion and expansion of international certification, Organization and implementation of international certification examination;


■ Research and development international certification


■ Expansion and promotion of international certification


■ Organization and implementation of international certification examination

More >> http://www.oetc.hk/contact/services.php



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